UAB “CREATIVE INDUSTRIES” implements the project “Reducing the impact on the environment by ensuring the circularity cycle in the production of vinyl records” No. 02-006-K-0189 under development program progress measure no. 05-001-01-04-02 “Encourage companies to move towards a climate-neutral economy” of activity 1 “Effective implementation of innovation policy and greater demand for innovation, development of start-up ecosystems and green innovations” effect 1.2 “Encourage the creation of environmentally friendly products or technologies and (or ) installation”.
The goal of this project is to gain new knowledge in the field of plastic recycling and, by enabling the acquired knowledge, to create a technology for recycling plastic and vinyl records by enabling vinyl records from secondary raw materials.
In the first stages of the ecological design of the panels, the areas that have the greatest influence on the negative impact on the environment and require the greatest attention in reducing the environmental impact will be clarified. For that purpose, a detailed environmental analysis of the product will be performed and the environmental impact will be assessed in 18 environmental impact categories (including climate change category, GHG emissions) and 3 damage categories (damage to ecosystems, damage to human health, damage to resources).
During the further ecological design, ideas and proposals are generated on what more environmentally friendly decisions to make, in order to reduce the negative impact of the new product on the environment and eliminate negative aspects of the environment. In an experimental way, it will be explained in which ratio it is most optimal (from an environmental, technological, economic point of view) to use recycled secondary raw material in a new product.
Other ideas related to more efficient use of materials and energy in the life cycle of wafers will also be generated and tested.
New knowledge gained during R&D activities will be put into practice by introducing environmentally friendly products into the company.
The estimated duration of the project is 12 months