Rūta MUR

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Ruta MUR has already proven herself as an extremely authentic singer-songwriter and self-produced artist who oozes both talent and profundity. She is best known for her hard-to-find “lowest female singing voice” and moody New Nostalgia sound. Her live performances leave an audience full of goosebumps and wanting more.


Gladly peppered with a tint of melancholia, Ruta MUR’s music reflects deep feelings like honest fears, love & heartbreaks. In addition to her one-of-a-kind voice, it's this authentic reflection of life that makes Ruta MUR and her sound so special:

“Music for me is just the way that feels most natural for processing the world. It is a flow that is not conscious. It's how my feelings sound,” says Ruta MUR.

Ruta MUR’s music is forged by her love of the 80s and 90s, powerful lyrics, and expansive synth sounds. Due to that, Ruta MUR is often referred to as an old soul, but she disagrees: "I feel more like a lost soul.“

She expands: “According to the theory of reincarnation, my past life was probably in the 80s and it was supposed to be my last one, but due to unknown circumstances, I found myself back in this world. Perhaps this could explain my nostalgia for the era I wasn‘t even born in.“


Hailing from Lithuanian harbor by the Baltic Sea, as a kid Ruta MUR dreamt of being a surgeon by the day and a rockstar by the night. Fast forward music won her full attention. Today, she lives for music both day and night.

Ruta MUR was born and raised with an authenticity that makes her both powerful and vulnerable on stage. Off-stage, she is part of the LGBTQ community.


- Her music is a breath of fresh air for those who take an in-depth look at life. It is real, meaningful, and incredibly profound.

- Since her debut in 2018, Ruta MUR has released 3 studio albums and 1 EP. In addition, she got 5 nominations at the Lithuanian Music Awards M.A.M.A.

- In 2022, she released So Low which became one of her greatest singles yet.

- In Rūta MUR's work, the visual expression of the song is no less important. Just take a look at the videos for the singles So Low, More, Forever.

- Her music resonates with thousands of people worldwide. Only on Spotify, she had listeners from 142 countries in 2023. Her songs have been streamed over 1 million times via different DSPs.

- She played warm-up shows for such international household names as Lykke Li and Lebanon Hanover.

- Following a busy run of festivals and live performances in previous years, Ruta MUR is now completely ready to take the global stage.

- She performs alone. This way the audience gets a closer intimate look at one person's stories of happiness and sorrow, celebrations and failures.

- Her fourth studio album is on the way. Markdown: spring 2024.

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