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Justė Arlauskaitė-Jazzu began her musical journey at the age of 14, performing in various Jazz projects in Lithuania and internationally. After turning 15, the artist became the lead vocalist for “Pieno Lazeriai,” which ended in 2010. After finishing Juozo Tallat-Kelpšos conservatory, she left for London to further pursue her music education at Thames Valley College.

In 2005, Jazzu formed an electronic music duo with Leon Somov. “Leon Somov & Jazzu” released five albums and won various music industry awards, including the MTV award for the Best Baltic Act. The group went on hiatus in 2017, allowing Jazzu to start her solo career. During this time, she worked with the internationally acclaimed producer Anthony Marshall in London and performed with the world-renowned group the “Koop.” In 2019, Jazzu came back to the big stage with a new image, presenting her fans with her latest masterpiece “Wild,” and the award-winning music video filmed in a Spanish dessert.

Jazzu collaborated with various artists, including producer Jonas Nainys-Jovani. Their song “Keep It To Myself” became an international success placing the song at number one of the Polish trendsetting music station “RMF FM” charts. The artist continues to work together with Jovani, releasing the 2019 hit “I Should Have Known.”

In 2019, Jazzu staged a national tour “Welcome” with performances in the largest venues of her native country, attracting over tens of thousands of fans. During the tour she performed with both Lithuanian musicians as well as British musicians who have performed with “Grammy” nominated performer Craig David.

2019 M.A.M.A. music awards were hugely successful for Jazzu with victories in Best Album, Best Music Video and Best Pop Artist.

Now Jazzu is a part of the X factor Lithuania judging panel, the brand ambassador for various international companies and a proud owner of the restaurant “Basi Basi.”

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